Shoes That Fit began in 1992 as the vision of one person who saw a need and wanted to fill it.  First it was one child.  Then, one school.  Then, it continued to grow. Now, almost twenty years later, the need that is being filled reaches over 100,000 children each and every year.

Earlier this year, Shoes That Fit was selected to be a Community Partner with A Lot of Good.  It makes sense, really.  Shoes That Fit helps kids that need good quality shoes on their feet. They also supply hundreds of kids with backpacks for school.  In 2020, A Lot of Good joined in the backpack drive that Shoes That Fit had organized.  Now, as partners, they are working to help each other with the A Lot of Good Thrift Store providing vouchers to many of the kids getting assistance from Shoes That Fit.

Since many of the children that Shoes That Fit help come from financially challenged families, the vouchers from A Lot of Good allow the families to get goods that may not be affordable to them.  And, this year, again, A Lot of Good is helping with the Shoes That Fit Backpack Drive.

It couldn’t be any simpler, either.  Just come to the A Lot of Good Thrift Store and request Shoes That Fit backpack information.  You’ll get a complete list of what is recommended to be put in the backpack. And each one of these backpacks will be given to the child with a brand new pair of shoes!