So many thoughts. So many questions.

We know that needing help can be overwhelming. Here are some basic questions about A Lot of Good, its programs, projects, how to get benefits and how to help.

What type of donations are accepted at the Thrift Store?2020-11-03T11:02:42-08:00

New and gently used items that are free from stains and damage. Currently, the store is accepting clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor, electronics, small appliances, sporting goods, DVD, records, baby gear, some furniture, seasonal items, glassware, dishes, vintage items, cameras, collectibles, and more.

How are ‘partners’ selected?2020-11-10T13:39:37-08:00

Anyone in the community can refer an organization/group to apply to become a Partner.  The proposed partner should be a nonprofit, ministry, school or hospital that is working to support individuals and families in need.  The partner will need to complete a Partner Information Form that will be evaluated by the A Lot of Good Programs committee for eligibility.  In most cases, there will be a face-to-face (or electronic) meeting to review the needs of the partner to best determine how A Lot of Good could assist. After this meeting, the Programs committee will make the determination of approval/denial of applications and what programs and support will be available.

Does A Lot of Good help Partners or Individuals with financial assistance?2020-11-03T10:52:49-08:00

Yes.  Much of that is through the Raising Hope Project. For more information visit alotofgood.org/raisinghope.

Are there any requirements for an individuals/families to meet to get assistance?2020-11-04T10:26:59-08:00

Generally, families receiving assistance will be referred to A Lot of Good through our Partners (Community, Outreach, Hospital). They will validate that there is a financial need and what assistance is being requested.

Can I make a financial donation to A Lot of Good?2020-11-03T10:49:44-08:00

Definitely! Donations can me made online at alotofgood.org/donate. Be sure to select the fund you would like to support.  You can also donate to any of the active projects on the A Lot of Good website (Raising Hope, The Way, Winter Wonderland).

Does the A Lot of Good Thrift Store take donations of clothing and household items?2020-11-03T10:48:40-08:00

Yes.  Preferably new or gently used items in good condition. Appliances, electronics, clothing, shoes, sporting goods, accessories, vintage items and more.  Visit the thrift store page at https://alotofgood.org/store

What percentage of my donations to an A Lot of Good Program or Project, go to Programs/Projects.2020-11-03T10:43:26-08:00

All money donated to any of the Programs or Projects go to the specified Program or Projects. Our goal is to have all fundraising expenses be paid through general donations and profits from the store.

My business would like to do a fundraiser to support A Lot of Good. What do I need to do next?2020-11-03T10:42:53-08:00

That would be wonderful.  If your business would like to host an event, please send an email with your ideas to marketing@alotofgood.org. Our representative will work with you to make your event the best it can be.

Can I make a monthly donation to A Lot of Good?2020-11-03T10:42:24-08:00

Yes.  Any of our donation forms (general or project specific) have an option to sign up for a monthly donation.  If you have any questions, please send an email with your questions to marketing@alotofgood.org.

Does A Lot of Good get any grants for funding?2020-11-03T10:41:05-08:00

Occasionally.  At this time, A Lot of Good does not have the staffing to do this.  However, if you would like to volunteer . . .please visit the volunteer sign up page!

Can companies be “Sponsors” for A Lot of Good?2020-11-03T10:40:17-08:00

Yes.  There are several types of sponsorships available, including a Project or Program Sponsorship or a Corporate ANNUAL sponsorship. If this might be what you are thinking, please send an email with your info to marketing@alotofgood.org. Our representative will go over all the options for you.

Is A Lot of Good a 501(c)(3)?2022-10-18T16:13:23-07:00

Yes. If you would like to get a copy of our IRS Determination letter, you can visit the IRS website and download it.  Here is the link to the  A Lot of Good info on the IRS website.

Does A Lot of Good have any “Special Events” that it hosts?2020-11-04T10:07:55-08:00

Not at this time.  However, that may change in the future, including adding virtual events.

Can someone from A Lot of Good come to speak at my civic group, business or professional organization?2020-11-03T10:37:06-08:00

If you would like to have a presenter from A Lot of Good, please send an email with dates and times to marketing@alotofgood.org.

How can I verify that A Lot of Good is for real? Is A Lot of Good part of GuideStar?2020-11-03T10:36:29-08:00

You can look us up on the IRS website. But, we’ll save you some time.  Here’s the link to the A Lot of Good info on the IRS website.

What goes in a LoveBox?2020-11-04T10:32:47-08:00

The contents of each box varies based on age and gender. The details are listed on the website. https://alotofgood.org/lovebox

Can I deliver the LoveBox I made to a family or person in need?2020-11-03T10:29:11-08:00

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Many of the LoveBoxes are delivered to hospitals and clinics to the case managers which are given out to patients as needed.

Can my club or group get involved making LoveBoxes?2020-11-03T10:28:48-08:00

Of course! Making LoveBoxes as a group is a good way to build team spirit while helping others.  Before you plan your group “filling”, give us a call and let us know how many boxes you need.  We can also let you know what age group we are running short on.

What is a Community Partner?2021-09-27T16:26:17-07:00

A Community Partner is a nonprofit or ministry located in Upland or the cities bordering Upland, CA. Each CP will receive $250 per month in vouchers/gift cards to the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  The CP is to distribute the vouchers/gift cards to the people they serve. Community Partners will have specific benefits that Outreach and Hospital Partners may not receive.  There is a limit of 10 Community Partners.

What is an Outreach Partner?2020-11-04T10:17:45-08:00

An Outreach Partner is a nonprofit or ministry providing services to individuals & families in need due to an illness, injury or challenging circumstance. There is not a limit of the amount of Outreach Partners and needs for support can vary from monthly to occasional support.

What is a Hospital Partner?2020-11-03T10:27:39-08:00

A Hospital Partner is a hospital, clinic or treatment center providing inpatient or outpatient services. Generally, Hospital Partners will receive bulk goods for the facilities needs.  Additionally, they can refer individuals to A Lot of Good for specific assistance,.

What is Spotlight Charity?2021-09-27T16:23:45-07:00

A Spotlight Charity is a Community Partner that will receive special attention and promotion at the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  Each month (Jan-Oct), a Community Partner will be featured at the store.  All donations collected at the cash register that month will go to the designated Partner.  There will also be a designated day when the Spotlight Charity will receive a percentage of the sales for all people that present a flyer for the event.


What kind of activities are provided for families under the We Care Program?2020-11-04T10:25:18-08:00

Families receive tickets or passes to movie theaters, sporting events, theme & amusement parks, etc.  Families would also be invited to shopping days, family days, various parties, and more.

How can I support the Programs financially?2020-11-03T10:26:29-08:00

Go to the A Lot of Good website (https://alotofgood.org/donate) and make a selection on where you would like to give.

Why should I use the Raising Hope Project instead of creating a personal P2P fundraising site?2020-11-03T10:24:17-08:00

1. Normally, when a donation is made on a peer-to-peer site, donations are not tax deductible because people aren’t generally nonprofits.  A Lot of Good is a registered 501(c)(3). 2. There is not a clear way for a potential donor to verify that the person asking for the money really needs the money. 3. When a donation is made on a peer-to-peers site, someone has to pay for the credit card processing fee, transaction fees and site fees (if any).  All fees on Raising Hope are paid for by A Lot of Good. 4. From time to time, A Lot of Good will offer a matching grant to people ln Raising Hope.  Generally, the matching grant is 50% of what is raised the first 30 days up to a maximum of $500.  (Certain restrictions apply – and they’re not difficult,)

Is getting set up for Raising Hope difficult? Are there any requirements?2020-11-04T10:41:27-08:00

Setting up the Raising Hope site is fairly easy.  All participants must be referred by one of the A Lot of Good partners (Community, Outreach or Hospital) to verify that both a financial need and a challenging circumstance are present.  From there, one of our representatives will work with the person directly to guide you through the process and help you upload your own videos, photos and story.  The only real requirements are for the matching grant (when available). For details, send an email to marketing@alotofgood.org and be sure to put RAISING HOPE INFO in the title.

Are there any matching grants available for Raising Hope participants?2020-11-04T10:35:51-08:00

Periodically, Yes, the match is up to 50% of what is raised the first 30 days of getting the site up to a maximum match of $500.  Raising Hope participants will be notified when they get their site if matching funds are available.  

How can I volunteer for A Lot of Good?2020-10-29T08:22:16-07:00

First, decide to volunteer. Second, fill out the online Volunteer Sign Up Form.  

What volunteer opportunities are available at A Lot of Good and the Thrift Store?2020-10-29T08:22:51-07:00

Volunteer opportunities change all the time.  However, it seems we always need help getting the word out about A Lot of Good.  If you are good with writing stories, help create content for the website and the newsletter.  If you’re good with graphics, you can help with communications on videos, the website and social media.  We need committee members for all of this plus Programs, Projects, and more.  

Can I request to volunteer at the Thrift Store?2020-10-29T08:23:37-07:00

We are always looking for people to help at the store.  If you are good at the cash register, merchandising, social media or helping shoppers, fill out the Volunteer Sign Up Form.

I would like to interact directly with the families. Is there a way I can do that?2020-11-04T10:28:03-08:00

This is one of our most asked questions.  However, we don’t get to do much direct interaction with anyone we assist, right now.

Are there any committees I can help with?2020-11-03T11:05:34-08:00

Heck yeah!  Communications, Social Media, Newsletter, Projects & Programs, Fundraising, and more.  Visit the VOLUNTEER page to see what is available (not everything is listed) and fill out an online Volunteer Interest form.

Is there a volunteer form I can fill out to volunteer?2020-10-29T08:27:48-07:00
How many families are in the There Is Hope Project?2022-12-24T09:15:07-08:00

Our goal for 2021 is to have 5-7 families enrolled in The WAY Project.

How much assistance does a family get monthly on the There Is Hope Project?2022-12-24T09:14:41-08:00

Each month a family would get gift cards for $100 in gasoline, $100 in food and $100 at A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  That’s $300 per month/$3,600 per year.  That does not include getting any help from any other project the family would be eligible for, including Winter Wonderland.

Once added, how long is a family on There Is Hope Project?2022-12-24T09:15:44-08:00

Each family will be on for 12 months (one year).  Families can participate for a maximum of two years, consecutive or not.

Can a family on the There Is Hope Project get assistance from other A Lot of Good Projects?2022-12-24T09:16:59-08:00

Families on There Is Hope Project can get assistance in many ways, including Raising Hope, Winter Wonderland, BackPack Drive and more.

What is the total benefit a family can receive on the There Is Hope Project in one year?2022-12-24T09:11:53-08:00

The total amount of benefits for a family There Is Hope is $3600 for one year.  However, if you add in Winter Wonderland, and other support from the We Care Project, the total can be $5,000 per year, not including the Raising Hope Project.

How is the WAY Project funded?2020-11-03T10:20:07-08:00

The WAY Project is funded from individual contributions, pledges and sponsorships from the general public.

Can a business “sponsor” a family on the There Is Hope Project?2022-12-24T09:13:52-08:00

Definitely.  Sponsorships are available. Please send and email to marketing@alotofgood.org to find out more.  Be sure to put “There Is Hope” in the subject line.

How can I help the Winter Wonderland Project?2020-11-04T10:45:10-08:00

You can make an online donation or donate new, unwrapped toys & games that will be give out to children.  The direct financial donation link is here?https://alotofgood.org/wonderland

Is it okay if I host a toy drive for new, unwrapped presents?2020-11-04T10:48:00-08:00

SURE!!  Just let us know what you’d like to do and we will send you all the info you need for your toy drive. Please contact us prior to starting your drive!

If I don’t have time to shop for a present, can I make a financial donation instead?2020-11-03T10:17:18-08:00

Sorry, we aren’t taking financial donations on this.  KIDDING!!  Go to https://alotofgood.org/wonderland

Can I make a donation that will go specifically to the WAY Project?2020-11-04T10:30:27-08:00

Of course.  Just go to https://alotofgood.org/way and make your donation.  You can also go to the main donation site and select The WAY as your selected fund.

Does A Lot of Good help individuals or families not working with a Partner?2020-11-03T10:16:19-08:00

Yes, on a case by case basis.  For more information, please send an email with your specific situation and needs to benefits@alotofgood.org.  A representative from the Programs Department will get back with you as soon as possible.