Helping Others Help Themselves

HERE IS THE PROBLEM: Dealing with the extra financial of an unexpected crisis or catastrophe can leave a family looking to their friends and family for help.  Thousands of people have gone to fundraising sites in hopes of receiving donations that would help bridge the financial gap.  However, there are problems with trying to raise funds this way.

* While these online fundraising sites are free to set up, as much as 10% or more of every donation is held back by the site for processing fees, software costs, credit card fees and transaction fees.
* The donors may not get a receipt for the tax deductible contribution.
* Most families don’t know how to do fundraisers or how to use these sites.
* The parents should be focusing on the child’s recovery rather than being a professional fundraiser.

A Lot of Good has been working on a fundraising solution to help families deal with these very issues. Now, we have a way to help families help themselves.

It’s called:   The RAISING HOPE Project

The WAY Project

What is “The WAY”? It’s really an acronym for Wonderland All Year.

The end of the year holidays inspires so many people to give to those less fortunate.  A great deal of focus is concentrated on what the kids and family will open on Christmas Day.  It’s amazing to see so much energy put to make one day unforgettable.

But, for individuals and families struggling financial because of a crisis, what happens on December 26 when it’s just another day?  What happens February 9th?  March 22? Well, not much.

The WAY Project assists families with much needed support every month for one full year.  Each month the family will receive a $100 gift card for gasoline, a $100 gift card for groceries and a $100 gift card to shop at the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  Additionally, these WAY families will be part of the We Care Program entitling them to get benefits of Winter Wonderland as well as Thanksgiving Day dinners and outings to sporting events, shows and other activities.  When it all adds up, families can receive up to $5,000 of benefits during the course of the year.

Do you want to help make WAY?


Children and parents can spend hours in a hospital or clinic waiting room with nothing to do.  Knowing that for many, especially those receiving chemotherapy, this is an often repeated process with nothing to necessarily look forward to or to make the time pass more quickly.

PROJECT: LoveBox is a way that children and their parents can know that someone is thinking of them and that we care.  It’s not hard, it’s not expensive, it’s not overly time consuming.  It is a great way for friends, group, families and staff to work together for the benefit of another person.  The result is a feeling of gratitude for the one giving and the one receiving this small offering.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get young kids involved in a project as individuals or as a Troop.  For more information call the office at 909-233-7825


In 2020, A Lot of Good picked up the Backpack Drive Project started by Steven’s Hope for Children.  Since then, we have been working to provide families the necessities that many families struggle to obtain financially.  Aside from the basics of food, shelter and clothing, A Lot of Good tries to help families and children be normal.

Often times, preparing a child for school is overlooked or just set aside because of finances.  While the problem may not seem catastrophic or critical, it is important and one that can be easily resolved.  Once again, A Lot of Good is holding a backpack drive to help children be prepared for a successful school year.

“Our goal is to provide 100 children fully stocked backpacks for the new school year,” said Sandy Cappelli, founder of A Lot of Good. ”The backpacks will be distributed to children in need entering grades K through 12. We just need support from the community to help reach the goal.”

A list of items that are needed to fill the backpacks can downloaded from A Lot of Good by clicking the link below. This year all backpacks, supplies and donations need to be received by July 18. Deliveries should be made to:
A Lot of Good, Inc.,  1980 W. Foothill Blvd, Upland, CA 91786

For more information or to support the Backpack Drive, follow the link below.


As family finances are stretched due to the cost of a family crisis or emergency, the family’s ability to celebrate the holidays is greatly reduced. Winter Wonderland, provides presents to the sick child and the siblings who otherwise may not have presents to open.

Despite how we are personally dealing with the challenges of our world, most of us are truly blessed with family, friends, resources and support.  This is a fabulous opportunity to share your individual blessings with others.