The end of the year holidays is meant to be a time of joy, of family, of friends gathering, of candy canes, wrapping paper and presents.

But for those going through a family crisis of serious illness, homelessness, abuse, and other family crisis, it is not the happiest of times, especially for the kids.

With emotions, patience and finances stretched to the limit, parents may not be in a position to provide any holiday gifts to the children they love so much.  That is where the Winter Wonderland Project can make a real difference this holiday season.

Hospital social workers and program benefit coordinators from our Community and Outreach Partners will be sending some of their most needy families to A Lot of Good to provide new gifts for the children, and the parents, to open on that special morning.

Because of COVID-19, there will not be a Winter Wonderland Party as in years past.  However, qualified parents will be given an appointment time to come to the A Lot of Good “Gift Center” to select age appropriate gifts for their family.  They will be able to take these gifts home and make sure they are opened on that special day.

There are three ways to help make this year’s Winter Wonderland successful.

  1. Donate new unwrapped gifts to support the project.
  2. Host a Toy Drive to have others help donate unwrapped gifts that will be turned in to A Lot of Good.
  3. Make a financial donation to support Winter Wonderland.

It’s super easy and will really make a difference to families and parents this year.


If you are planning on donating unwrapped gifts to support Winter Wonderland, please call 909-233-7825 to be given the location of the “gift center” location.

Be sure to write out what gifts are being donated and include your name, phone number and email address and give the information to the cashier so that you may be able to get your donation receipt.

Thank you for your support!