A Lot of Good founder, Sandy Cappelli announced a new pilot program that will begin in January of 2022. The There Is HOPE project will support selected families with funding for ongoing living expenses (food & gas cards) or for a specific need to enhance the well-being of the family.

“Our goal has always been to help people and families in need. This project was designed to reach out to families at a much more significant level”, said Mrs. Cappelli. “This first round of funding came directly from the profits of the A Lot of Good Thrift Store so, it’s time to put a good amount of that money back into the community with this project.”

The first round of families to be selected will come from existing Community Partners supporting families with exceptional needs. On December 15, A Lot of Good announced three families were selected to participate in the Phase 1 funding. The support will help families with food, clothing, and gasoline cards, as well as, rent assistance and other necessities. The three families will receive over $18,000 of benefit for the 2022 calendar year.

Phase 2 funding will provide selected families with $100 per month in food/Walmart/Target cards, $100 in gasoline cards top help with transportation expenses and $100 per month in vouchers to shop at the A Lot of Good Thrift Store to acquire needed clothes, shoes and other items which may not be affordable due to their individual circumstances. The support from A Lot of Good is intended to last for one year (12 consecutive months).

Families in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will receive additional support from the Annual BackPack Drive so kids are prepared for the new school year and the Winter Wonderland Project, providing presents for the whole family during the holidays.


As of December 28, over twenty (20) families have been selected to receive support for Phase 2 funding. The total amount of benefits will be approximately $4,000 per family.

Mrs. Cappelli added that the funding for There Is Hope came from the profits of the A Lot of Good Thrift Store, but is hopeful that support from community donations will allow more families to be part of the project.

Sandy Cappelli added, “Hopefully, with year-end donations and some corporate involvement, the project can be expanded up to 30-40 families per year.”

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