Helping Where It Counts

It’s pretty simple, really.  When an unforeseen circumstance thrusts a family into a crisis, managing day-to-day needs can be overwhelming and unaffordable.  High emotional stress combined with the anxiety of the situation can make basic necessities of food, clothing and gas seem like distant goals.  It doesn’t have to be that way.

What is “Essential Needs”?

The Essential Needs Program was created to assist families and individuals in crisis with those missing necessities needed to maintain a “normal” life style. For those that find themselves dealing with a family member with a serious disease, or a family that has lost their home to fire, or a foster family not being able to provide all the resources to a child that is needed, or a parent trying to start their life over after abuse has shattered their lives, Essential Needs fills a void that can lift up all those impacted by the situation.

In almost every emergency situation that impacts a family, there is a financial impact.  Taking extra time away from work to take care of a loved one leads to a reduction of income.  Too much time away from work could mean a loss of employment and loss of health benefits.  Driving to and from numerous medical appointments with the subsequent co-pays, covering the cost of additional childcare and prescriptions can take a toll on family finances.

Since a household may have limited financial resources available, often the only hope for a family to avoid suffering financially beyond repair is to rely on others. That is where A Lot of Good comes in.

Through the generous support of donors, A Lot of Good can assist approved families or individuals with goods and financial support that they need to get through this challenging time.  Maybe they will get grocery store cards or gasoline gift cards.  Maybe they will be able to shop for free at the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  Whatever the situation is, A Lot of Good is here to be a part of the “recovery” of the household back to its new “normal”, whatever that may be.

The Essential Needs Program also hosts projects that address specific needs.  Those projects include:

Supporting the Essential Needs Program does require support from individuals, groups and businesses wishing to make an impact in the community. Donations are tax deductible as per IRS guidelines as A Lot of Good is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

For more information on who is eligible for assistance, please visit our FAQ page.

Sometimes, ‘because’ is enough reason.

How important is it to get an Easter basket in the spring?  Why celebrate what you are thankful for when you are facing physical, emotional and financial hardship? What is so special about opening presents at the holidays when you won’t remember what you got in 6 months?

Because we all want to fell like we are loved.  Like we matter.  Like someone out there cares.  That’s what the We Care Program is about.  It’s in the name.

What is “We Care”?

Through the We Care Program, A Lot of Good  provides emotional support to the families through family visits & meals, phone and e-mail communication, comfort gifts, and special parties and outings with the children.  This program is highly dependent upon volunteers for organizing activities for the families, providing meals, entertainment, visits, prayer, conversation and much more.

Some projects associated with We Care are:

Winter Wonderland Project –  provides gifts to hundreds of  children every holiday season.

Project Love Box – gift boxes of  toys, magazines and activities for the parent and the child during treatment at the hospital.

Backpack Drive – helping children of assisted families to start school with a new backpack filled with supplies to encourage learning.

Kids Helping Kids – children reaching beyond themselves to be creative and interactive on behalf of others in need.


It doesn’t take much to change a life. Get in touch today and start making the difference.