What is Spotlight Charity?

A Spotlight Charity is a Community Partner that will receive special attention and promotion at the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  Each month (Jan-Oct), a Community Partner will be featured at the store.  All donations collected at the cash register that month will go to the designated Partner.  There will also be a designated

What is a Hospital Partner?

A Hospital Partner is a hospital, clinic or treatment center providing inpatient or outpatient services. Generally, Hospital Partners will receive bulk goods for the facilities needs.  Additionally, they can refer individuals to A Lot of Good for specific assistance,.

What is an Outreach Partner?

An Outreach Partner is a nonprofit or ministry providing services to individuals & families in need due to an illness, injury or challenging circumstance. There is not a limit of the amount of Outreach Partners and needs for support can vary from monthly to occasional support.

What is a Community Partner?

A Community Partner is a nonprofit or ministry located in Upland or the cities bordering Upland, CA. Each CP will receive $250 per month in vouchers/gift cards to the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.  The CP is to distribute the vouchers/gift cards to the people they serve. Community Partners will have specific benefits that

How are ‘partners’ selected?

Anyone in the community can refer an organization/group to apply to become a Partner.  The proposed partner should be a nonprofit, ministry, school or hospital that is working to support individuals and families in need.  The partner will need to complete a Partner Information Form that will be evaluated by the A Lot of Good

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