Everyone Needs A Little LOVE!


On any given month, as many as one hundred LoveBoxes are distributed to hospitals and treatment centers around the Southland.

Okay.  What is a LoveBox?

A LoveBox is an uplifting reminder to kids in the hospital receiving treatment for a serious illness or injury.

When children are spending hours and hours receiving chemotherapy, or radiation treatment or even just recovering from an injury or surgery, they need to know that people care about them by sharing a gift of love in the form of a LoveBox.

The LoveBox Project was started over 15 years ago by Steven’s Hope for Children. Since 2020, A Lot of Good has taken over the project and has actually expanded the reach of this heartwarming tradition.

That’s the good news.

But, right now, that may not be possible for much longer.

The inventory of LoveBoxes is extremely low and needs to be replenished quickly.

That’s why you are receiving this email. Won’t you please help?

Making a LoveBox is really easy and can be fun for a family to do together. It’s also a great community building activity for a classroom, a club, Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, your Bunko group or even a church group. In the past, companies and associations have been tremendous in helping to fill the gap at one of their events.

Watch the video to find out about how to help replenish the inventory needed to help families.

You’ll see that it doesn’t take much time or money.

You can pick up empty LoveBoxes at A Lot of Good, fill them and bring them back to A Lot of Good to add to the inventory. There is a list available of what kind of items to put in your LoveBox. Click here for the list!

You can also just use a shoebox (or similar sized box) that you already have. The volunteers at A Lot of Good will make sure everything in your box gets moved over and you get to know that you will be brightening the day of a child in the hospital.

Please, Watch the video.

Then, click here to let us know that you are ready to help and how many LoveBoxes you would like to make.

Should you want to help but do not have the time, you can make a financial donation here or by texting “LoveBox” to 53-555. Your contributions will make so many kids happy and feel loved.

Thank you,

Sandy Cappelli
Founder, A Lot of Good, Inc.