(From the Hope Through Housing Foundation website)

In 1998, the Hope Through Housing Foundation was established to empower residents of National Community Renaissance (National CORE), one of the largest nonprofit affordable housing developers in the country. By the mid-90s, National CORE had gained a reputation for providing high-quality apartment communities and turning around tough neighborhoods negatively affected by poverty, crime, isolation and neglect.

Wanting to do more to help the children, families and seniors who lived in its communities, the Hope through Housing Foundation was established as an independent nonprofit organization to develop and administer a broad range of charitable and educational programs for children, young adults, low-income and underprivileged families and the general public.

Over the past two decades, Hope through Housing has focused on developing outcomes-based programs and services that:  (1) prepare children to be ready to learn and be successful socially and educationally; (2) equip adults to improve their economic situation; and (3) allow seniors to remain healthy and independent.

Hope through Housing is dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty by implementing programs that empower individuals and change communities.  We deliver services and support to low-income residents within National CORE apartment communities aimed at Building Bright Futures, creating Pathways to Economic Empowerment, and building Connections to Care for seniors.

A Lot of Good is excited to begin this new partnership. As a Community Partner, every month, Hope Through Housing will be receiving vouchers to distribute to their most needy families to shop at the A Lot of Good Thrift Store.

Greg Bradbard, Executive Director of Hope Through Housing spoke with Yvette Walker about the impact this organization is making in the lives of families across the Inland Empire.   Click here to see the video.


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