Childhood Cancer Foundation of Southern California is the May 2021 Spotlight Partner.  The nonprofit provides assistance to children with cancer, survivors of childhood cancer, the child’s parents and immediate family members.  They also work with bereaved families.

Initially the organization was called Candlelighters, and changed their name a few years back. The main office is located in Loma Linda, CA near the Loma Linda University Medical Center and Children’s Hospital.  The organization provides many great services, including temporary housing, emergency assistance, groceries, eduction and parental support.  A Lot of Good Founder, Sandy Cappelli, had worked with CCF with Steven’s Hope for Children prior to starting A Lot of Good.

CCF works with over 800 families in the Inland Empire who have a child diagnosed with this terrible disease.  Because of their great work, they were selected as an Outreach Partner in 2021. As a Spotlight Partner for May, CCF received over $2000 of monetary donations to support their mission.

Yvette Walker, host of “Doing Good In The Community” met with Executive Director, Stephanie Avila to find out more about all that Childhood Cancer Foundation does to support families and what the future looks like for the organization.  Click here to see the video.