Sometimes, ‘because’ is enough reason.

How important is it to get an Easter basket in the spring?  Why celebrate what you are thankful for when you are facing physical, emotional and financial hardship? What is so special about opening presents at the holidays when you won’t remember what you got in 6 months?

Because we all want to fell like we are loved.  Like we matter.  Like someone out there cares.  That’s what the We Care Program is about.  It’s in the name.

What is “We Care”?

Through the We Care Program, A Lot of Good  provides emotional support to the families through family visits & meals, phone and e-mail communication, comfort gifts, and special parties and outings with the children.  This program is highly dependent upon volunteers for organizing activities for the families, providing meals, entertainment, visits, prayer, conversation and much more.

Some projects associated with We Care are:

Winter Wonderland Project –  provides gifts to hundreds of  children every holiday season.

Project Love Box – gift boxes of  toys, magazines and activities for the parent and the child during treatment at the hospital.

Backpack Drive – helping children of assisted families to start school with a new backpack filled with supplies to encourage learning.