With the closing of Steven’s Hope for Children, A Lot of Good began the process of integrating many of the projects of the organization that impacted so many for eighteen years. However, with all of the changes due to the restrictions and complications of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the anticipated success of this annual project was, to say the least, unclear. No longer were face-to-face meetings recommended and hosting an event for 200+ people and sick children was out of the question. 

Still, the need was there, probably more than ever.  

Obvious changes were made to the project, hopefully only for 2020. Despite the challenges, ALOG proceeded with hope that it would all work out. 

And work out, it DID!  

ALOG was able to deliver in excess of $22,000 of gifts to more than 6 hospitals and 2 nonprofit/ministries. Thank you to all of you who participated by doing toy drives and making financial donations to make this happen!

Now, ALOG is in the early phases of planning Winter Wonderland ’21.  Hopefully, the fear of the pandemic will have subsided and there will be a new normal of the A Lot of Good Winter Wonderland Project.